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Tips for Choosing Your First Guitar 
November 4, 2021

We're passionate about helping you find the guitar that ticks all of your boxes. There are countless combinations of shapes and tonewoods, each with a different purpose, and it can all be pretty daunting if it's your first time shopping. Read on to get the skinny on buying your first guitar.

First things first, acoustic or electric?
There's no wrong answer here. Both have 6 strings, have standard tuning, and the notes and fundamentals are the same. Electric guitars tend to have lighter strings, a smaller body, and thinner necks. However, just because they might feel easier to play initially doesn't mean they're more playable than the acoustic. We recommend choosing based on the music you (or your kid, or whoever you're shopping for) listen to. If it's Rock or Metal, an electric is the obvious choice. If you're more into Country or Pop, acoustic is the way to go. When in doubt, start on an acoustic. You won't have to hunt down your amp and cable every time you want to practice, which means you'll probably practice more.

Get one in your hands.
We all gravitate toward different shapes and tonewoods based on our personal preferences. That means, there's really no "one size fits all" when it comes to guitar-buying. Your best bet is to stop in, hold a few, and see what you like. Our experts are happy to play them for you so you can compare the tone. Smaller-sized guitars are great for kids, as they fit their stature well, but they can learn on a full-sized guitar too.

Don't skimp on quality.
These days, you can find a guitar just about anywhere, at almost any price point. However, a hunk of cheap plastic won't be easy to fret, won't stay in tune, and won't produce an inspiring tone that makes you want to keep playing. We're careful to carry only brands we can stand behind. The most affordable option is a Gretsch Jim Dandy acoustic guitar for $179 or Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar for $199. These are great guitars for the money. That said, more money usually translates into more guitar. Taylor Guitars carry several of our favorite beginner-level guitars. When you inevitably buy your next guitar, as most of us do, your Taylor becomes a great backup guitar, campfire guitar, or travel guitar, and they tend to retain their value well if you do decide to pawn it off.

0% financing is available.
Choose from 6, 12, 18, or 24 months financing. The application takes about 5 minutes with on-the-spot approvals. Financing lets you extend your budget and get more guitar for your money.

Any questions? Our experts are always happy to help and we love seeing new faces in the store! Thank you for shopping with us!


Your first but probably not your last.

Baby Taylor
This isn't just world's most popular travel guitar. It's also a great entry-level option to learn on and one you won't want to upgrade out of. 
Taylor GS Mini
The ultimate modern-day parlour guitar, the GS Mini is comfortable to play and boasts a rich, robust voice. A fan favorite!
Taylor Academy Series
These guitars are priced for beginners but have the chops to take the stage when you're ready. Easy to learn on!