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Taylor Darktone Series Pick Tin – Collector’s Edition

Don't stop at one, get an assortment of Taylor's beloved DarkTone picks with the DarkTone Series Pick Tin - Koa Collector's Edition. This sleek tin features a koa wood top with the Taylor logo, making it stage ready and easy on the eyes! With the included nine different DarkTone series picks, this tin spans a range of thicknesses and shapes to choose from to suit your playing needs. To keep you oriented and informed, a cool Z-fold insert provides details on the materials, sonic highlights, and nuances each pick in the series has to offer.

  • Metal tin with koa wood top includes 9 DarkTone series picks
  • Z-fold insert provides details on the materials and sonic highlights each pick has to offer
  • Picks made from Thermex, a special durable material made specifically to bring out the lower tones of your guitar and its strings