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Haggertys Music Works Premier Online Dealer Taylor Guitars

Haggerty's Music - a Taylor Premier Online Dealer

As a leading Taylor Guitars dealer, Haggerty’s Music proudly showcases an exceptional collection of Taylor instruments within one of North America's premier Taylor Guitar Showrooms. Our reputation as a Top 10 Dealer underscores our commitment to offering unparalleled selection and expertise in all things Taylor.

From exclusive One-of-a-Kind custom builds to top-rated beginner guitars, the Taylor Guitar experience at Haggerty’s Music caters to musicians of all levels and preferences. Explore our extensive inventory and discover the perfect Taylor guitar to inspire your musical journey.

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Our Favorite Guitars for Beginners

A line so beginner-friendly, it’s called the Academy! If you are looking to purchase the best beginner guitar available, the Taylor Academy line is designed to get you going in the right direction. From a Sloped arm rest to make practicing easier, to smaller shapes to help beginners get into the right position. Check out our favorite beginner guitars.

Beginner Guitars

Haggertys Music Taylor Beginner Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor 100 Series Guitars

100 Series

Solid Sitka spruce and layered walnut deliver quality and value without compromise.Popular Models: 110e, 114e 150e


Built to provide rich acoustic tone at an accessible price, the 100 Series offers great value without skimping on quality or craftsmanship. Every 100 Series guitar boasts a solid spruce top that serves up bold, assertive acoustic sound with strong projection and clarity between notes, making these models a fit with strummers, flatpickers and fingerpickers alike. A slightly narrower fretboard makes these guitars feel comfortable and welcoming regardless of your skill level, and the built-in ES2 electronics let you plug in and play on the fly. With Grand Auditorium and Dreadnought models available, the 100 Series has everything a new learner could need and robust tone to satisfy experienced players.

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200 Series

Solid Sitka spruce paired with a selection of layered tonewoods make for a classic look and sound. Available in standard and Deluxe models. Popular Models: 214ce, 224ce-K DLX, 214ce Plus


Whether you're a new player on the hunt for a reliable, long-lasting first guitar or an experienced guitarist in need of a rich sound that won't break the bank, the 200 Series is loaded with options to cover any musical application. Crafted with solid tops for projection, clarity and balance, the 200 Series boasts an array of tonewoods, appointments and body shapes, including nylon-string and 12-string models. Every 200 Series guitar sports a comfortable, easy-playing Taylor Neck and built-in electronics for easy amplification. Explore the full range of standard, Plus and Deluxe models to find the combination of style, tone and price to fuel your musical journey.

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Haggertys Music Taylor 200 Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor 300 Series Guitars

300 Series

A range of all-solid tonewoods serves up a wealth of versatile acoustic flavors.Popular Models: 314ce, 324ce, 322ce 12-Fret, 327e


Our 300 Series offers musicians—including new learners and experienced players alike—an array of rich, versatile acoustic tones and a comfortable, inviting experience. Players can choose from two all-solid tonewood pairings: sapele and spruce for a traditional look or Tasmanian blackwood and mahogany, which presents a duskier visual aesthetic. All 300 Series steel-string guitars feature V-Class bracing for improved sustain and volume, and with a wide selection of body shapes, players will find a wide variety of choices in feel and sound, reflecting the Series' workhorse utility. The 300 Series also features 12-fret and 12-string models, nylon-string options and a Builder's Edition Grand Auditorium.

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400 Series

Spruce is matched with your choice of rosewood or ovangkol back and sides. Either way, expect a full-range acoustic voice. Popular Models: 412ce-R, 414ce-R


For musicians in need of solid-wood tone and high-quality craftsmanship without getting too precious for the rigors of everyday play, the 400 Series offers all-star tonewoods and workhorse utility in a sleek package. Models feature Indian rosewood back and sides with Sitka spruce tops, offering varying flavors of that pairing's sparkle, warmth and clarity depending on your choice of body shape. Clean, yet striking appointments make 400 Series guitars stage-ready without being too highly ornamented for regular practice, songwriting and recording. Including V-Class bracing for added volume and sustain, ES2 pickups and deluxe hardshell cases with all models, the 400 Series is ready for a lifetime of music.

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Haggertys Music Taylor 400 Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor 500 Series Guitars

500 Series

Discover the sweet, sophisticated sound of Urban Ironbark, a responsibly sourced tonewood that serves up power and clarity in equal measure. Popular Models: 512ce, 514ce, Builder's Edition 517e


Formerly the home of our mahogany models, the 500 Series now boasts back and sides of Urban Ironbark, an all-new tonewood sourced from our always-growing urban wood initiative. As a back and side wood, Urban Ironbark yields a bold, rich and sweet voice that's sure to impress players of all styles, giving these guitars piano-like clarity with a smooth character that amplifies each player's unique touch. We've paired the Urban Ironbark with torrefied spruce tops for an extra seasoned tone, adding up to a supremely balanced sound that performs exceptionally well on stage or in the studio. Players will also find the mahogany/torrefied spruce Builder's Edition 517 here, a Grand Pacific model with enhanced comfort features and aesthetics. If you're looking for a guitar with a totally original, unexpected musical personality, look no further than the 500 Series.

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600 Series

Our maple guitars have been revoiced and paired with specially seasoned spruce to produce a richer, warmer sound. Popular Models: 614ce, Builder's Edition 614ce (WHB)


Many players consider maple to be a love-it-or-hate-it tonewood—until now. Taylor's 600 Series features Big Leaf maple as you've never heard it before, revoiced by master guitar designer Andy Powers to produce more low-end presence, warmth, and tonal breadth. The result is a lineup of acoustic guitars boasting solid maple back and sides paired with spruce tops, offering a uniquely player-reflective experience with a sound that responds differently to every pair of hands. Torrefied spruce tops add depth and projection, and V-Class bracing punches up more volume and sustain. Maple's clarity and articulation make the 600 Series a great choice for fingerstyle players or lead guitarists, but virtually all players will appreciate their versatility and visual beauty.

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Haggertys Music Taylor 600 Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor 700 Series Guitars

700 Series

Experience the dynamic, punchy attack of select-grade Hawaiian koa, voiced to yield a livelier, more direct sound compared with the refined Koa Series. Popular Models: 724ce, 722ce, Builder's Edition 717e


The 700 Series is home to select-grade Hawaiian koa, offering players a distinctive voice from our much-loved Koa Series. Two models—the Grand Auditorium 724ce and the Grand Concert 722ce—serve up a punchy attack with a lively character compared to the smooth, refined sound of Koa Series models, a response that balances top-end sparkle with midrange shimmer and a low end that blooms over time and with extended play. Both models feature our tone-boosting V-Class bracing architecture for greater volume, longer sustain and improved harmony all the way across the fretboard. Appointments like rosewood binding, a rosewood/paua rosette, a new Fountain inlay design, polished bronze tuners and a super-thin matte finish give the 700 Series a natural, yet eye-catching aesthetic, making these guitars look as beautiful as they sound.

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800 Series

Our flagship rosewood/spruce collection serves up inspiration in form and function with a range of stylish appointments, rich acoustic flavors and body style options, including the new GT 811e. Popular Models: 814ce, Builder's Edition


With all-star tonewoods, refined appointments, top-tier craftsmanship and a distinctively bold, contemporary voice, Taylor’s 800 Series blends a seamless playing experience with unmatched clarity and balance. The time-honored combination of solid Indian rosewood with Sitka spruce produces a versatile tone rich with harmonic texture and ringing overtones, with V-Class bracing inside most models to dial up greater volume and sustain. With sharp aesthetic details, the comfortable Taylor neck, player-focused features like the radius armrest, and a wide selection of body styles, the American-made 800 Series sits at the intersection of craft and wide-ranging musical inspiration.

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Haggertys Music Taylor 800 Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor 900 Series Guitars

900 Series

The most elegantly appointed of Taylor's rosewood/spruce series blends inspiring tone with design sophistication.
Popular Models: 914ce, 912ce 12-Fret


Taylor's most premium family of rosewood/spruce acoustic guitars, the 900 Series showcases top-grade craftsmanship, tonal sophistication and visual artistry. These all-solid-wood, U.S.-made guitars are built with Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce, an all-time great tonewood pairing that players love for its balance, warmth and articulation. That textured musical response takes a boost from V-Class bracing, which adds volume and sustain to all models. Choose from the popular, versatile Grand Auditorium body, the compact Grand Concert and the scaled-down GT. All models are stunningly adorned with deluxe appointments composed of Hawaiian koa, paua and pearl.

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Baby Taylor Series

Taylors most compact guitar, the iconic Baby Taylor is perfect for kids and travelers. For a larger option, try the Big Baby.


The Baby Taylor launched an entire category of three-quarter-size acoustic guitars, helping bring the experience of playing a great-sounding instrument to new players of all ages. Perfectly sized for small hands, the Baby Taylor makes a great first guitar for a young learner—but its full sound and portable size also make it a great travel guitar for anyone who wants to keep practicing on the road. Built with solid tops and comfortable, easy-playing necks, the Baby Taylor is all about making it fun and simple to enjoy acoustic sound and build your skills as a musician. And with options for built-in electronics and included gig bags, these guitars have everything you need to get going.

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Haggertys Music Baby Taylor Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor Academy Series Guitars

Academy Series

The ideal guitars for anyone on a budget, these guitars are perfectly distilled for an inviting and inspiring playing experience.


Designed to provide signature Taylor playability and vibrant tone at an accessible price, the Academy Series blends innovative features with a comfort-focused design philosophy. New players will appreciate features such as a narrower 1-11/16" nut width for relaxed fretting and a carved armrest for a seamless, accommodating feel. Together with the light-gauge strings and 24-7/8" scale length, those elements add up to a slinky handfeel that makes it easier to grow your skills. Solid tops produce rich projection and clarity, and models with electronics also boast a built-in digital tuner. Whether you're just picking your first guitar or hunting for a more affordable Taylor experience, the Academy Series is for you.

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American Dream Series

With solid tonewoods, V-Class bracing and minimal appointments, these striking guitars offer professional acoustic tone in an accessible package.


Designed at the intersection of craftsmanship, rich acoustic tone and value for everyday musicians, the American Dream Series is Taylor's most affordable family of solid-wood, U.S.-made acoustic guitars. These guitars boast all the projection, sustain and tonal depth a player would expect from a Taylor, presented at a price that makes premium craftsmanship accessible to more players. Choose from Grand Pacific and Grand Concert models, all outfitted with our tone-enhancing V-Class bracing inside, as well as chamfered edges and slender Taylor necks for playing comfort. Finished off with clean appointments to preserve their rootsy look, American Dream Series guitars delivers neo-vintage inspiration for players of all styles.

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Haggertys Music Taylor American Dream Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor GS Mini Series Guitars

GS Mini Series

This scaled-down Grand Symphony packs a full guitar voice into a comfortably compact form. Popular Models: GS Mini Mahogany, GS Mini-e Rosewood, GS Mini-e Koa Plus

Fun Size. Big Tone.

Meet the Taylor GS Mini, one of the world's most popular acoustic guitars: a smaller body and a compact feel with a big, bold tone that punches far above its size. Based on a scaled-down version of our Grand Symphony body shape, GS Mini guitars boast solid tops and a variety of tonewood options serving up different flavors of vibrant acoustic tone. The GS Mini family is also home to the GS Mini Bass, a super-compact four-string acoustic bass with a slinky feel and a punchy response. Whether you're looking for a campfire guitar, a songwriting tool or just a great-sounding acoustic that's up for anything, the GS Mini has you covered.

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Custom Series

Design a Taylor guitar that's uniquely yours by choosing from a rich menu of custom options.


Are you dreaming of a one-of-a kind guitar? Come get some inspiration from our custom Taylor Guitar collection! We can help you craft your own dream guitar or make it possible to get into one of our exclusive builds and limited editions. Come see some of the most beautiful guitars on display in the country, in our Taylor Guitar Showroom.

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Haggertys Music Taylor Custom Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor LTD Series Guitars

LTD Series

We're always coming up with new ideas for special-edition guitars.


Crafting limited edition guitars allows us to offer something with unique aesthetic appeal. The inspiration can come from anywhere - a rare batch of striking tonewoods, a new guitar design, or other fresh seasonal specials.

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Electric Series

Explore an array of guitars with highly adaptable tone, innovative electronics, and a sleek, fast-playing feel.


Our electric guitars deliver the same rewarding mix of playability, tone and craftsmanship that players love about our acoustics. Proprietary Taylor pickups fueled the design of our current electric family, featuring three series, each loaded with player-friendly features: the groundbreaking hollowbody hybrid T5, the electric-leaning T5z, and the semi-hollowbody T3.

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Haggertys Music Taylor Electric Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor Builder’s Edition Guitars

Builder’s Edition Series

Each guitar in the Builder's Edition family represents the peak of Taylor's design philosophy: comfortable, inviting guitars with rich, robust tone and stunning aesthetics.


The Builder’s Edition line-up from Taylor Guitar’s is the “Director’s Cut
" Come in and play the most comfortable feeling, most beautiful guitars in the Taylor Line. We think these are not only the easiest guitars to play in the lineup, but also the best guitars to record with, with features like the silent-satin finish, chamfered edges, and incredibly accurate 21:1 tuners.

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GT Series

The compact, accessible GT (Grand Theater) combines the playing comfort of a smaller guitar with bold, powerful acoustic tone.
Popular Models: GTe Urban Ash, GT K21e, GT 811e


Players have always loved the inviting feel and playability of smaller acoustic guitars, and the Taylor GT delivers that spontaneous feel in a package that doesn't sacrifice tone. Based on the contours of the larger Grand Orchestra shape, the GT (Grand Theater) sits between the GS Mini and the Grand Concert in size, with a reduced body length and depth for a more accessible feel. Tonally, the GT generates a bold response with rich volume and surprising low-end power thanks to the new C-Class bracing, which adapts the tone-boosting effects of our V-Class bracing to the smaller body. Highly responsive and focused, each GT model serves up a distinct musical flavor, and its modern proportions give it a fun, expressive personality worthy of any player.

Browse GT Series

Haggertys Music Taylor GT Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor Presentation Series Guitars

Koa Series

Featuring the new, compact GT K21e and a bevy of organic appointments, the Koa Series' vibrant musical character is matched only by the beauty of its island tonewood namesake.
Popular Models: Builder's Edition K14ce, K26ce, GT K21e


Hawaiian koa has long impressed guitar players with its distinctive combination of lush acoustic tone and naturally stunning visual character. In the Koa Series, we treat Hawaiian koa like the superstar tonewood it is, with a range of guitars that showcase both its natural coloration and its dazzling sonic properties. Players will hear a vibrant midrange response with clear, articulate trebles and a dash of low-end warmth for a balanced sound that can adapt across playing styles. Choose from models with spruce or koa tops, all of which feature our tone-boosting V-Class bracing and a gorgeous, artful set of wood-focused appointments that reflect koa's island origins.

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Presentation Series

Showcasing at the finest of Taylor craftsmanship, tonewoods and aesthetic detail, the Presentation Series is headlined by a Grand Auditorium made with back and sides of Honduran rosewood and a sinker redwood top.
Popular Models: PS14ce Honduran Rosewood

Taylor's Best, Top to Bottom

Boasting uncommon tonewood pairings, deluxe comfort features and our most elegant appointments, the Presentation Series represents the ultimate showcase of Taylor's guitar-building philosophy. This family of heirloom-quality acoustic guitars offers the best of Taylor craftsmanship at every level, from premium tonewoods such as Honduran rosewood and sinker redwood to player-focused comfort features that elevate the playing experience to unmatched heights. That dedication to excellence extends to aesthetic details, which include our most sophisticated inlay designs and subtle touches that put these guitars in rarefied company. If you're looking for a truly exceptional guitar that will be appreciated for generations, look no further than the Presentation Series.

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Haggertys Music Taylor Presentation Series Guitars
Haggertys Music Taylor Travel Series Guitars

Travel Guitar Series

Are you looking for the Best Travel Guitar to take on your next adventure?
Popular Models: GS-Mini, Baby Taylor, GS Mini Bass, GS Mini E Bass


Are you looking for the Best Travel Guitar to take on your next adventure? The line of easy-to- stow favorites at Taylor Guitars includes the best selling GS-mini, the ultra-compact Baby Taylor, and even an amazing travel-sized bass guitar, the GS Mini-e Bass. Check out the full collection here:

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